Our Courses

Each semester we offer a range of interesting and informative courses. These include lectures for bachelor and master students, as well as seminars. Below you can learn more about the courses we offer on a regular basis.

An overview of all courses we currently offer can be found on E-Learning.

In this lecture, theoretical knowledge and practical skills in dealing with Scrum are taught. The course consists of three parts. In an introductory part, the necessary concepts of the Scrum process model are presented in two lectures and the technologies required for successful project implementation are specified.

In the lecture Specification Engineering, basic mathematical methods and applications for the specification of software and software-intensive systems are introduced. In addition, modern verification algorithms and tools are introduced, which can also be used to verify compliance with the specifications.

Contents of the lecture are programming paradigms and their application for special programming tasks. The focus is on the procedural, the object-oriented, the parallel, the functional and the logical paradigm.

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